CAT Retailer Lives: Moss Europe

As the first in a series of retailers that continue to grow, we visit classic specialist Moss in Feltham who finds retail is ‘booming. One of the newest growth area in retail perversely caters for the oldest part of the vehicle parc. Classic car specialists have been around for years, but it is only relatively recently that car owners could buy parts in a retail environment other than by mail order or from an autojumble

CAT Factor Lives: Nyanza Autoparts

Sasch Raichura talks about Nyanza’s journey from small front room to large hi-tech operation. Many things in life are shaped by circumstances and words of advice and wisdom we receive from people close to us, and that continues to resonate with the owner of Nyanza Autoparts Sasch Raichura

Making money means managing measurements

Just like John Genge, Mike Owen tackles your questions on running a garage and gets the ball rolling with sound business management advice. Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as saying: “The harder I work the luckier I become.” It does not hold in the motor industry, where the harder you work the more profitable you should become. To ensure it, independent garages need to focus on business management.