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Exol GroupExol Lubricants has noted the following technical points on the Ford Focus:

Choosing the correct oil is vital for Ford Focus (04-11)

Engine design has changed rapidly over recent years. Increased output from smaller units coupled with reduced engine oil sump capacity has demanded more from lubricants. To this end, the use of an incorrect engine oil can lead to prob­lems and result in expensive repairs, which motorists will hold workshops fully account­able for.

For example, diesel particulate filters (DPFs) can become blocked if the wrong oil is used and catalytic convertors can be poisoned by engine oils with too high a level of certain ad­ditives.

Also, vehicle manu­facturers now have in place clearly defined drain intervals for oils that meet their specifica­tions and so the use of a lower quality lubricant in, for example, a long oil drain sched­ule can result in reduced engine component life and poor fuel economy.

Meeting the very latest Ford Motor Company engine oil requirements – specifically WSS-M2C 913-C – is the Exol Lubricants Optima Vimax FD 5W-30, a fully synthetic, fuel efficient, multi-grade engine oil. Fully approved by Ford, the oil is formulated with highly-refined synthetic base stocks and the very latest in advanced additive technology, providing improved fuel economy, greater robustness to fuels containing increased levels of biodiesel and, superior soot handling properties.

Exol’s Optima Vimax FD 5W-30 is also designed to give outstanding performance in the most difficult of driving conditions, while offering extended drain capability.

Optima Vimax FD 5W-30 is suitable for normally aspirated and turbocharged petrol and diesel Ford vehicles, particularly the more modern ones. Its naturally high lubrication properties also offer lower internal friction for reduced engine wear and low temperature stability for improved flow rates.

It is available in bulk road tanker deliveries, 205 litre barrels, 25 litre drums and five litre cans.

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