Audi’s A4 gave us plenty of opportunities to discuss fault finding and diagnosis last month, with more of you getting in touch to tell us about your experiences with the popular car.

This month our friends in the market turn their attention to French manufacturer Peugeot and its versatile 308. Currently available in hatchback, estate, cabriolet and saloon version, the car was unveiled in June 2007 to serve as a replacement for the outgoing 307.

We’ve already seen how the 1.6-litre PSA turbodiesel used in the 308 is also in the Ford Focus, so there’s some recap over how carefully it’s oil consumption needs to be monitored.

Unlike Ford, Peugeot and Citroën recommended semi-synthetic oil early on in the engine’s use in its models, so keep a beadier eye.

There are plenty other issues with the car and some really golden tips that should help you avoid making the wrong diagnosis and get things fixed up in double-quick time.

Next month we’ll be looking at the Vauxhall Corsa introduced in 2006. If you have expertise, knowledge and insight to share, we would be delighted to hear from you. It will make our Inside Line an even more powerful tool for our workshop readership. Contact

Click below to see technical contributions on the Peugeot 308 from:

Castrol – recapping why oil plays such an important part in the Peugeot engine

CES – a whole host of issues and instructions on how to solve them

Comma – discusses the foibles of fluids and the importance of oil

Denso – takes us through some important air conditioning fault finding tips

Exol Lubricants – shows off its new oil developed specifically with the 308 in mind

First Line – talks through wheel bearing replacement

Forte – how to avoid costly failures

Cambiare – technical solutions to technical problems

Gates – advises on belt replacements

Meyle – common suspension faults sorted

Remaned – IMA issues solved

RMI – The RMI’s Technical Helpdesk shares its knowledge of the 308

TecDoc – engine troubles diagnosed and fixed

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