CAT’s Inside Line: RMI


From the RMI’s Technical Helpdesk:

-Brake fluid change, small content but a regular omitted add on during service at 24000miles (dependant on model).

-Front suspension lower arms, dry squeaking joints, squeaking steering.

-These vehicles are subject to handbrake/rear caliper issues, also check for seized cables due to water ingress.

-Pollen/cabin filter housings crack and let water into the passenger area under the floor mats, when replacing the filter ensure the housing is in one piece. Again a small content repair but often omitted during service.

-At 95000 miles regardless of age vehicles fitted with DPF filters – carry out a “ash mass comparison test” if the DPF is around 90% blocked it is ready for replacement at extra cost.(dependant on model/engine).

-Slight coolant loss from the water pump, look out for coolant staining under the pump area.

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