Corteco’s new smell the difference filter campaign


Smell-Box-5238-(1)Corteco is launching a new campaign to help the aftermarket showcase the difference between the varieties of cabin filters.

The Smell Box sales aid can be used by counter sales staff to demonstrate the advantages of fitting a carbon activated filter into a vehicle.

The demonstrator unit contains a visible air freshener unit and two difference filters – the carbon-activated and a standard cabin filter. It will highlight the difference in performance of the filters between the filter that shuts out harmful gases and unpleasant smells, and the one that doesn’t.

Steve Jarnet, Sales and Marketing Manager at Corteco, explains the reason behind this campaign: “We already know that dealers install more activated carbon cabin filters than the independents, without a hard sell. These Smell Boxes will give distributors the opportunities to help garages redress the balance.

“Activated carbon is increasingly the choice at OE so it’s more often than not, the right choice for the mechanic.

“Unfortunately, many garages routinely install cheaper standard filters to cut service costs. In fact, that represents an unnecessary downgrade for the customer and it’s costing the garage’s revenue, too. It also denies drivers – and their passengers – the same protection they had when the car was new.”

He added that as concerns grow about the potential risk of traffic fumes, Corteco are giving the tools to the aftermarket to educate themselves on the advantages of using a carbon activated cabin filter and give motorists a choice.

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