Autodata has become the victim of counterfeitting
Autodata has become the victim of counterfeitting

A rouge trader selling counterfeit and out-of-date Autodata CDs to garages in Slough has been arrested.

The arrest was the end result of an operation involving the Police, Slough Borough Council trading standards and Autodata.

The rogue trader was caught in the act of selling the counterfeit CDs to a workshop after Autodata was able to follow the trader and learn his routes.

According to Autodata the seller approached existing customers offering to download the company’s software at reduced prices. Unfortunately the information the seller had access to was obsolete, and therefore potentially dangerous for garages to use.

An Autodata spokesman commented: “Autodata is extremely pleased with the quick response of the police and Slough trading standards, after we reported this activity to them. Any cases of Intellectual Property crime are taken extremely seriously and often result in arrests.

The dual threats to the safety and peace of mind of vehicle owners that these sellers pose are very harmful. Their detection and apprehension are a top priority to Autodata, trading standards and the Police.”

Slough Trading standards said: “Trading standards views this type of criminal activity very seriously as there are safety implications. We are still investigating this case and will be for several months.”

Autodata says its garage customers are becoming ‘increasingly concerned’ about counterfeit goods and are contacting the company to call for action to be taken.

Rod Williams, Autodata’s Chief Executive, said: “The level of attempted IP crime against Autodata has remained relatively consistent but by working with the Police and trading standards we are able to stop these guys in their tracks in many cases. They usually receive severe penalties too, which should act as an effective deterrent.”

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  1. Autodata should have made the price vastly more reasonable then there would have been no advantage in people copying or pirating them and there was so many greyed out areas with huge amounts of info missing , very poor product overall.

  2. I have so many ‘legal’ manuals and discs from when I only needed to buy the disc then purchase yearly updates if/when required,sadly no longer an option.
    Secondly to think that any information that I have been using that was considered technically savvy on the day but by virtue of an update is now relegated to the downright dangerous file is either absurd scaremongering or leaves the info supplier legally liable for the supply of concealed danger now made aware by the update-should then be required to recall/refund old copies/online subs and supply new ‘safe’ type! Oh wait don’t they have a little disclaimer to remove their liability??
    I work in info gathering, and information held and secured is so much more viable to sell on sub than a disc. The latter you can keep and reuse until obsolete to YOU not the supplier The former is ransomed to you on the basis of no pay even after years of subs and you loose including or the notations made on sub pages!
    At times a lot of updates are just dashboard changes or patches. Probably worth subbing for manufacturer TSB.
    And then there is translation and out-writing issues…
    Still importantly piracy is damaging to legit suppliers,and so the demise of discs attributes itself to how easy they are to duplicate and crack codes and control is relinquished with every sale of.
    Also damage rate is high and so online is so much better for multi user.
    Remember also a company publicly listed has an obligation to shareholders..sadly it all gathers on the cost to produce a quality product,shop around and trial all available.

  3. Have only just come across this..some comments are 3 year old now or so. So here we are in 2015 and AD online is on full roll out, so to speak. I had great expectations for the product in itself…what with all the hype about how good it was going to be. I have subscribed to AD’s full top products for several years now…and I can tell you, as I have told them, the new product is not as good as the old ! Problems with sizing , viewing wiring diagrams..fuse layouts are appalling.. Missing info and seriously limited info re dvla compared to others..and so has really gone down hill….but the price hasn’t.
    I should think it’s obvious why I’m here… Yes I’m looking for something better ! Something with equal or better data, easier use and a better price. I didn’t mind paying the nigh on £800. Pa as it was very good…. But as above, sadly, no longer… And I can be fairly sure that my comments /complaints have fell on deaf ears. So no, won’t be rewing my sub…not unless there are some serious improvements in the next few months…before my renewal is due.

  4. I work at autodata, and since we have been brought out by the Rothchilds the company has gone pear shape, with all the cost cutting exercises within the company and price increase for the customers and the reduction of services and data, and the fact that they do not value the small garages as did the previous owners, the CD and books are being discontinued and only online will be available, there are many limitations to this the main one being for mobile and rural garages who don’t have internet access, and with the amount of times the data is not available due to servers being down on their side, pple must be crazy to pay more money for a lesser product and less services, there are many competitors out there who have a much better and stable product and i would recommend you do your homework, before you purchase a one year subscription from Autodata which is not refundable once you use it. and once they have your money they don’t care of your custom. as i have seen and heard with management. I feel ashamed to work for this company now

    1. Hi Jamie
      I don’t know will get my message. If you do pick the phone I am serving and helping to independent industry. work with me please to help garages.

  5. Autodata are rumoured to be stopping all books. Well that will help the small independent………..NOT!!

    Still, they can use their tag line “online product is increasingly favoured by customers” as that will be all there is!

  6. Main dealers should cut autodata out of the picture completely and provide main dealer informaition online free for there brand of cars. Bit like what computer companys do now if you need a driver for your laptop you just input your details into manufacture website and boom you have your drivers and information on that system. Vivid workshop data has gone online and i know thats been got round already its more easy for them to hack/crack the online stuff from what im told. Auotdata has spent that much money chasing people and dragging them threw the courts for them to get 200hrs comunity service for selling a few disc that they have lost the grasp of how big a problem this is for them and know it will never stop. If autodata ever do find I way to stop people copying there discs and siteripping all there online information to be put onto disc please let Hollywood know as they have been trying to stop piracy before autodata even knew what a cd was.
    Oh and by the way for anyone intrested Vivid workshop data blows autodata out the water for spec and diagrams would advise to give your money to them if you do deside you need this information to do your day to day car repairs.
    Mr D.

  7. I bought and used autodata 2005 at enormas expence. I am a small one band Garage. We do not start to see new vehicles untill they are about 3 to 4 years old. So if autodata did not time their discs out, or would supply us with a disc that is 4 years old at a discounted price then all us small garages would purchase the product. I have spoken to autodata about this, And they are not interested. They say they cant supply such discs as the data would be out of date. (rubbish I say) If i buy it in paper form, then unless they print it with some kind of Ink that vanishes after 12 Months then why time the the discs out.

    1. That also means that every Haynes manual printed is useless just one year after being written? Absolute bollocks, Autodata. Scaremongering again. Why don’t you just drop the extortionate price of the CD’s to a realistic level and then garages will not need to buy hooky ones…

  8. Personally I believe the years contract for the Autodata program to be very expensive especially to the smaller garage. I can not understand why it is considered potentially dangerous for an out of date CD, surely at the time of production for that particular CD all the information was correct?

  9. This>

    Perhaps Autodata could produce bespoke discs with only the information the customer requires? A sort of “pic ‘n’ mix” style product. This could cater for all outlets. The auto electrician, the Clutch centre,Tyre outlets, etc, etc. Just a thought?

  10. I’m afraid I have little sympathy with Autodata. They charge exorbitant rates for a product that their dealer network can not discount for fear of losing them as a supplier. I used to buy their repair times manual at approx £60. Now the only way I can get this is via CD1 @ £395.00 a year. Not only is it not viable, it is 80%+ useless to me due to the type of work we undertake. Sorry Autodata, but whilst you continue to charge as you do, rightly or wrongly, there will be plenty of business for the Pirates.

    1. To clarify the situation regarding Autodata’s fight against piracy, the Company carries out this type of activity to support its valued customers, who have become increasingly frustrated by those competitors using illegal, counterfeit information.

      Workshops using this counterfeit technical data are at risk of causing potentially dangerous issues with customers and their vehicles and also harming the businesses of their law-abiding colleagues in the industry.

      Regarding the viability of Autodata products, it is worth pointing out that the Company is required to pay vehicle manufacturers for the use of their information, this is not free. Autodata provides various levels of technical information, with subscription-based products starting at £120 per year; it is also worth noting that the online product is increasingly favoured by customers thanks to its expanded capacity for quality information as well as its ability to be more frequently and comprehensively updated.

      If Mr Webster would like to contact Autodata, we would be happy to invite him to visit the business and see for himself the investment that goes into producing the information that Autodata provides to its many customers, whose support and custom we value and whose businesses may be suffering as a result of illegal software sales in their area.

      1. To quote, “online product is increasingly favoured by customers”.

        Is that perhaps because a large proportion of your information is ONLY available online now? Hobson’s choice comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong, the online solution makes a lot of sense, if you are in need of a range of Autodata products. Unfortunately in my role, I am not. I need repair times only. The original cost of this was £60 (ish) every couple of years. The current cost is £395.00 every year complete with a load of information we would never use. If it was not cost effective to produce the books I can understand that, but we simply can’t warrant virtually £400.00 every year, as I’m sure, many other businesses can’t. I know your products start at £120.00 but the information on that disc is limited. Even by your own admission it is “Basic”.

        Perhaps Autodata could produce bespoke discs with only the information the customer requires? A sort of “pic ‘n’ mix” style product. This could cater for all outlets. The auto electrician, the Clutch centre,Tyre outlets, etc, etc. Just a thought?