ECP to visit 10 Downing Street

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Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia, chairman and founder of Euro Car Parts has received an invitation from the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to head to 10 Downing Street for a ‘reception for business leaders’ event in September.

Prior to his visit, Sukhpal is inviting members of the garage trade to email him with their comments and thoughts on the issues facing the industry. He said he would like the top politicians to hear about the impact any relaxation on MOT testing would have on the motor trade.

He said: “ I will use the event to raise awareness of the key issues in our sector, including the huge dangers of any reduction in the frequency of the MOT.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for our Prime Minister to understand the current business challenges in the aftermarket and for Euro Car Parts to champion the sector.”

Garages can email with their thoughts and comments. The deadline for suggestions is 6.30pm on Tuesday 13th September.

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  1. Lots been said on this matter already but the thought of cars running around with no safety checks required what-so-ever until every 2 years horrifies me.

    Most of our customers are ideal safety concious motorists who visit us annually for service work so any safety related issues would be spotted and rectified BUT the motorists running cars on a budget who prodominantly run older cars never serviced risk not only their lives but the lives of others – SCARY.

    Chris Meredith
    ABP Motorsport

  2. MOT – Definately should be no changes. Its bad enought with MOT Every 12 Months , we get so many cars in with i.e. bald tyres as people do not bother to check these basic essentials. Peoples lives are put in danger,so can you imagine if the mot time was extended to every 2 years or more- even more death traps on our roads. We cannot afford to change/lenghten the time between these tests. How about a 6 Monthly check as well!

    Umesh Samani
    Specialist cars Stoke