Guns and cars. We like.
Guns and cars. We like.

There comes a point in every person’s life, no matter what age, race, sex, or profession they may be, when you feel the need to get out there and do something adventurous.

For some, rock climbing holds obvious merits. For others, walking, running or cycling presents an avenue to let off aggression. Some have even been known to buy ludicrously expensive sports cars and then, after a mutual discussion with their partners, trade it back in three days later and buy some new curtains instead.

For the modern professional though, paintballing has become a phenomenon. It’s like being in the middle of an intense firefight, except you don’t get hurt. At all. I took part in a paintballing challenge a few years ago, and whilst I did end up looking like most of the Dulux paint catalogue on the outside, it didn’t hurt at all. And that has almost nothing to do with the fact that I spent most of the time cowering inside a shed, trying to think of a happier place.

But what if you’re both an adrenaline junky, and a petrol head? What on earth are you to do when the inevitable mid-life crisis hits?

Well worry no more, because Chevrolet has you covered with their new sport of car-paintball!

Now make no mistake, this is simply a paintball gun bolted to the bonnet of a Chevvy jeep. But beyond the mechanics, this looks like great fun!

And it’s a team sport too! Passengers can maneuver and aim the gun ready to fire, whilst drivers can send paintballs traveling at 20mph hurtling towards the nearest target from a button inside the cabin.

And those targets are harder to hit than in normal paintball. Because whilst they might be a lot bigger than your average human, they’ll also be delivering some pedal to the metal paintballs to your doorstep as well.

Chevvy aren’t yet sure whether they’re going to be making car-paintball into an official sport just yet. But it seems odd to launch the sport with just over a year to go until the Olympics comes our way…

Published by Darrenmoss

CAT magazine's in-house reporter and self-confessed petrol head

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