Government proposals to extend MOT test intervals from the current system of 3-1-1 have been scrapped in favour of a drive to improve standards with codes of conduct and additional mystery shopping.

Previously unpublished figures from VOSA show that 27.7% of cars tested in 2010-2011 had defects missed by MOT stations, and are key to the decision to stick with the 3-1-1 system. The data also shows that one in eight cars were incorrectly assessed by MOT stations in 2010-2011.

Transport Secretary Justine Greening said the focus instead would be to work with industry, motoring organisations and consumer groups to focus on the reliability and standards of garages. It also wants to provide a user-generated review system of MOT stations.

“Our garages are crucial to ensuring that Britain’s roads continue to be among the safest in the world. Most are doing good work but the latest data shows that there is room for improvement,” said Greening.

“I want each motorist to be confident that a visit to the garage ends with their car repaired to a high standard by reputable mechanics rather than uncertainty about cost and the quality of service.

“Giving drivers the very best information about garage performance is absolutely key to achieving this goal. It means that responsible garages will be well placed to reap the commercial benefits of transparency. Garages where performance is not up to scratch will find themselves under pressure to do more for their customers.”

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  1. In a word – RESULT!

    An absolutely excellent result not only for all in the garage industry but also AND MORE importantly the general public at large and motorists in particular.

    Even the notion of 4-2-2 sent shivers down my spine after witnessing the horror stories what some customers present for the annual MOT test and this news is a wonderful belated Christmas present!

    Massive congratulations to all in the industry who pushed, petitioned & campaigned so passionately to maintain the high standards of safety our industry demands.

    All we need to acheive now is a single code of practice that is COMPULSORY for all garages to be members of…..

    Chris Meredith
    Managing Director
    CAT Garage of the year 2010 & 2011