Regulators in Brussels have increased the volume of graphene that companies in the EU are allowed to use per year in products.

Graphene is a version or ‘allotrope’ of carbon, similar to graphite or diamond. It is a relatively recent discovery and production has only just been made practical, albeit in small quantities. While it is mostly used in electronics and industrial chemistry, it has also been found to be excellent in car care products, such as polishes and waxes.


However the toxicity, or lack of, has been debated in scientific literature. Reviewing the evidence, approval has been granted by ECHA, the European Chemical Agency, for a volume threshold of one to 10 tonnes of powder usage per annum of graphene products supplied by individual members of a consortium that wish to use graphene.

Graphene can now be sold in larger quantities, making use in more car care products practical

Following the news, Applied Graphene Materials (AGM), a producer of the substance has announced that its customer Infinity Wax is to launch a graphene-based wax.

Adrian Potts, Chief Executive Officer of AGM, said: “This registration underpins the effective and safe use of AGM’s graphene materials at higher volumes. AGM continues to demonstrate the excellent utility of our graphene products with our customer engagements, and this registration will ensure we can meet our ambitions for larger volume orders as our commercial pipeline continues to develop”.

While the UK is no longer in the EU, it will continue to follow the guidance.

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