Corteco: ESS low friction oil seals
ESS low friction oil seals, a 1st for the aftermarket, are designed to cut CO2 emissions by 2% and reduce fuel consumption. Corteco calculates that if every vehicle in Europe used the seals, total fuel consumption cost could be cut by some €13bn. The seals deliver less friction and have a longer lifetime.

Klarius: Racing catalyst
The new Klarius racing catalyst has enabled racing championships based on production cars to become green before the legislation demands it. The Klarius racing cat reduces fuel consumption and significantly reduces emissions while still maintaining peak power, something only expensive bespoke products have been able to do until now.

Valeo: StARS
StARS – a Starter-Alternator Reversible System – is a microhybrid starter-alternator that cuts the engine when the vehicle is stationary and starts it again when the brake pedal is released or gear engaged. It generates fuel savings of up to 15% and can reduce CO2 emissions by 15%. Leading the field, it is now available to the aftermarket.

Watt Carbon Offset: Tree planting for carbon neutral driving
This is a new initiative due for launch in November 2009. Pitched as a gift idea, the company will plant a number of willow trees based on engine size and annual mileage to offset the lifetime CO2 emissions of any vehicle. The package includes a window sticker declaring: “This car is completely carbon neutral”.

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