Non type-approved catalysts now illegal

Klarius catalysts
If you are unsure of the new cat rules, contact the VCA

It is now illegal to sell or fit non-type approved catalytic converters to cars registered after March 1, 2001.

The ban has applied since August 13, 2009 when the Motor Vehicle Regulations 2009 came in to effect.

Under the new rules, replacement cats must be indelibly marked with the type approval number and be supplied with relevant information, either as a leaflet or attached to the part.

Catalogues must also contain this type approval information.

The regulation also applies to replacement diesel particulate filters, while catalysts for 2 and 3 wheelers are covered by the Motor Cycle Regulations 2009.

There will be no sell-through period but the Department for Transport has allowed a ‘settling in period’ of three months after which time the Vehicle Certification Agency will start to enforce the rules.

This will involve spot checks of manufacturers, distributors, fitting centres and shops. Non-compliance could result in a £5000 fine.

Paul Hannah, business development director at Klarius, had this advice for CAT readers:

“The new regulations do not include a sell through period so make sure everything you stock or receive from your supplier is definitely type-approved.

“You can tell a type approved item as it now has to have a serial number either engraved or embossed on the outside.”

He added that the company has already produced a new catalogue with order codes for the type-approved items on every vehicle that qualifies.

Factors, retailers and garages that are unsure about their obligations under the new rules should contact the VCA.

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