Hey! You! Get on my cloud – the case for cloud computing


Cloud-based systems enable small businesses to access high level, secure and efficient IT solutions which would otherwise have been cost and resource prohibitive.
Managed and maintained by some of the biggest names in IT such as Microsoft and Google, software companies host their web-based systems in the cloud thereby opening the door to a wide range of technology which had only previously been found at work in large organisations and corporations.
With advantages such as logging in anytime, anywhere and on any device as long as there is an internet connection to access business data, information and systems means independent garage owners can run their business out-of-hours or off site as well as at the premises itself.
Being able to benefit from the highest levels of security and always working in the latest version of the system the business has signed up to (because the software company undertakes all upgrades in the cloud thereby removing the obligation for the business owner to stay up-to-date and download and install latest versions) are two of the most powerful reasons to opt for cloud-based systems.
The case for the cloud
1. Removes the need to install hardware in your workplace because everything you need is accessed via the internet
2. Always benefit from the latest developments because advances are made in the cloud and automatically passed onto the user
3. Never have to worry about the maintenance of your server or what you would do if it stopped working
4. Never have to back-up again or ensure your backed-up hard drive is kept securely off the premises should you need to restore your business data
5. Your business will be backed-up to the latest nanosecond without you having to do anything
6. If your equipment is damaged in a flood or fire or as a result of spilt coffee or your business suffers a break-in, your data remains safe in the cloud
7. If your equipment is stolen, you will never endure a data breach because your business information is accessible in the cloud and only if you have the access codes
8. Security with military-grade encryption so your data is more secure than your hardware could possibly allow
9. If additional bandwidth capacity is required, the cloud automatically delivers so purchasing bigger hard drives and more powerful computers is no longer an issue
10. Cloud applications are continually developed and updated with no onus on users to upgrade because they automatically receive the latest version as soon as any changes are made by simply logging in
11. So, no more downloads and installs to ensure you’re working in the latest version
12. No need to ‘buy’ the latest equipment to keep up with the extremely fast pace of technology or pay for more licences if your business and users grow
13. Small businesses are able to become more competitive and implement the same high level systems as larger companies
14. Cost savings are made as maintenance and development is managed by the cloud application suppliers
15. You can work from anywhere; from your home, the golf course or even on holiday
16. Use on any web-enabled device be it smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop
17. Use the technology developed by some of the biggest names in technology like IBM, Amazon, Rackspace and Microsoft – always make sure your provider is backed by a reputable provider
18. You are using it already – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all cloud-based systems
19. If that’s not enough of an endorsement, the government is moving the MOT test system to the cloud
20. The cloud is a proven place to work and is much safer and more beneficial than working off a server
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