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Audi A1 2010

Problems with the Audi A1 2010 seem to be fairly limited. So far there have been no DVLA recalls for this car and the general feedback has been good. Minor gripes include the size of the interior, a hard ride and also perceptions of poor fuel economy – with the latter two potentially being down to driving style.

Pencil coils make up 39 percent of the top 10 Cambiare sales on this model, so technicians looking to cure a misfire or hard start condition would be well placed starting their diagnosis here.

In second position, at 18 percent, is Cambiare’s engine management temperature sensor. Poor hot or cold starting, genuine high fuel consumption or lack of power, could be a result of this sensor giving out the wrong reading.

Joint 3rd place goes to Cambiare’s reverse light switch and oil pressure switch at 11 percent. The failure of the oil pressure switch may result in the driver not being warned if the oil pressure falls below an absolute minimum pressure which can then result in an expensive engine repair job. Alternatively, a failed switch may indicate a loss of oil pressure when in reality, it remains within specified limits. The failure to illuminate at ignition or extinguish when the engine is running, could indicate a switch failure.

5th place in the sales league is held by Cambiare’s camshaft sensor at 9 percent. Non-running, hard start and misfires could all be the result of a failing cam sensor.

Radiator cooling fan switches come in at 6 percent. If they fail to energise the cooling fan, the engine can suffer from overheating.

ABS sensors take 5 percent of the top 10 sales. The failure of this sensor can reduce the stability of the vehicle when breaking on wet or loose surfaces. (On some BMW vehicles it can also trigger the tyre pressure monitoring system to falsely indicate a loss of pressure in a tyre.)

Knock sensors bring up the rear in the top 10 with 1 percent of sales. Failure of this sensor will affect the performance of the engine and may cause a rattling/pinking noise from the engine under load.

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