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A few notes about the Audi A1 (2010 onwards):

Engine Oil

For this particular vehicle, Audi list only one or two specifications for engine oil which should be covered by Comma Prolife 5W30 or Syner G 5W40, depending on the service regime and engine.

With service intervals of up to 19000 miles, supplying the customer with a top up pack and reminding them that they should be checking the engine oil regularly (see handbook for guidance) might also be prudent here. A quick check before you change might be a good way of reinforcing the importance of top up to the customer. Combined with longer service intervals and the increased use of sensitive components like turbochargers, a smaller sump size makes checking your oil more critical than ever before.

Brake Fluid

Audi use one or two specifications for brake fluid for the A1 and again you can rely on Comma’s online application guide to identify which product is suitable for the vehicle you are servicing.

Most people don’t think of brake fluid as a service item however, as with many manufacturers, Audi specify a change interval of 24 months for the A1. Brake fluid degrades over time by absorbing water from the atmosphere (even when it is apparently sealed inside the system) which lowers its boiling point. Boiling point is a critical factor in brake fluid performance because of the amount of heat generated during braking. If the boiling point of the fluid is too low then continuous or hard braking may cause the brake fluid to vaporise which in turn can result in a loss of hydraulic pressure within the system (i.e. your brakes don’t work when you most need them to). The message here is that brake fluid is a safety critical item so check and change when specified – don’t assume that it will just be OK.

Power Steering Fluid

Audi use one specification for power steering fluid for the A1 which is Comma MVCHF and again you can rely on Comma’s online application guide to confirm which product is suitable for the vehicle you are servicing.


Xstream G40 is the recommended product for the A1, as it is for all recent Audi vehicles. You can verify this using Comma’s application guide.


For this particular model, Audi use a range of transmissions that includes mostly manuals but also some automatic alternatives along with differential fluid for the four wheel drive system. As well as different fluid requirements, change intervals and capacities will vary depending on the type of transmission so we would advise you to either consult the handbook to ensure that you get the right product for the vehicle you are servicing.

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