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Information for your pre 2011 BMW 1 Series is listed below:

The top Cambiare seller for the 1 series is a pencil coil. Technicians looking to identify a misfire or poor stating should look here first. While there may be a temptation just to replace the faulty coil, the rest are likely to have covered the same mileage and will be in similar condition. Cambiare recommends that all of the coils are replaced at the same time to prevent a similar failure soon after.

Lambda sensors are the next in the sales line up for Cambiare, bringing on the Engine Management Light and causing rough running and increased fuel consumption. Failure of the pre cat lambda sensor will affect the fuelling and running of the engine. Technicians should also bear in mind that spilt breather hoses can also affect the running of the car and the readings achieved by the Air Flow and Lambda sensors. The illumination of the EML and Fault codes indicating an out of range reading from the post cat lambda may not be indicating a problem with the sensor, which might be functioning correctly, indicating that the catalytic converter is not functioning correctly.

Engine Management coolant Temp sensors come in third in the sales of Cambiare parts. The incorrect treading from this sensor may cause hot and cold starting problems, hesitation and high fuel consumption situations.

Oil pressure switches come next in the Cambiare sales, the failure of the switch, hopefully leading to the warning light on the dash not going out and the driver stopping the engine before internal damage occurs. Failure of the switch in the open position will result in the warning light failing to illuminate when the ignition is switched on as a test, but will also not alert the driver to a low oil pressure situation while driving. As the switch is located in the high pressure side of the lubrication circuit, they can be susceptible to leaking, and technicians tracing oil leaks should bear this part in mind, says Cambiare.

ABS sensors are next in Cambiare sales and will generally bring up a warning light if one fails. Cambiare emphasizes that care should be taken when diagnosing a failed ABS sensor as water ingress / corrosion to the wiring connectors can result in a similar fault code being generated.

The failure of the reversing lights to illuminate when engaging reverse gear is often caused by the failure of the reverse light switch, the next part in the Cambiare sales list.  As the switch has two contacts, testing the switch can be done by bridging the connections in the wiring loom plug and checking that the reverse light illuminate, remembering that the ignition needs to be turned on.


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