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All models 2005 onwards

A common problem when driving on rough roads is noise from the front suspension. This is particularly noticeable when starting from cold. The cause is typically the front anti roll bar bushes being worn. To fix they need to be replaced with the new upgraded anti roll bar bushes.

4 door models 2005-08

The central locking will not work and the remote key will not operate the central locking. Fault codes A5D4 and A5D6 will be logged. The cause is a blown central locking fuse, due to faulty door central locking motors causing excess current draw. To rectify new door central locking motors need to be fitted to the affected doors.

Model 335D 2006-13

On this model, there can be an engine oil leak, with the engine management light illuminated. A fault code of 4674 will be logged. This is the result of the turbo charger to intercooler hose seal being split. The fix is simple, replace the spilt seal with a new seal between the turbo and intercooler connection.

Model 320i 2006-13, N43/N53 Engine Codes

Owners may notice the engine running poorly, with intermittent misfires under load. At the same time the engine management light is illuminated. Faulty injectors are the cause. They need to be tested, with the faulty injectors replaced.

Model 4.0L M3 2008

There can be a problem where the engine misfires or there is a loss of power. A fault code of 2B23 will be logged. The possible cause is the collapse of the idle air control valve intake pipe. To fix the idle air intake pipe(s) will need to be replaced, whilst ensuring that the idle air control valve is clean.

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