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Ignore symptoms of blown head gaskets at your peril warns Steel Seal

Those who fail to spot blown head gaskets or ignore the symptoms risk damaging their cars and facing huge repair bills, warns quick-fix head gasket repair supplier Steel Seal, part of the Automotive Brands product portfolio.

The company has compiled a list of the most common symptoms of blown head gaskets to help drivers spot the warning signs.

  • Coolant loss or leaking from the water pump
  • Bubbles of air coming up into the radiator
  • Engine overheating
  • Engine running rough
  • Coolant or oil from the head or on the spark plugs
  • White smoke from the exhaust
  • Oil in the water
  • Sludge-like substance in the oil
  • Hoses deteriorating or being forced off
  • Low-compression cylinders

Steel Seal’s Sales Manager Graham Hollis says that car drivers who do nothing about a blown head gasket and carry on driving regardless, risk causing more, serious damage to the vehicle.

“The cost to repair a head gasket can increase significantly dependent on the amount of additional damage caused,” says Hollis. “Very often people carry on running the car till it will not go any more. This usually causes more problems as the vehicle has boiled or ‘cooked’ from excess heat and can cause other faults such as warped heads, cracked blocks and valve damage or even seized pistons, locked due to the amount of water that has got into the combustion chambers. You need to catch your problem early. As soon as you notice any head gasket symptoms appearing stop driving your car and take a different action!”

Steel Seal provides a chance to fix a blown head gasket: the earlier the treatment is performed the higher the chance of success and the treatment being a permanent fix. Steel Seal, which permanently seals, warped heads and cracked engine blocks as well as blown head gaskets, is an easy pour-in solution that can be introduced via the radiator or expansion tank. It will repair a blown head gasket within an hour. As Steel Seal uses a chemical reaction rather than copper filings to repair the blown head gasket there is no chance of anything being left floating in the engine after the treatment has been completed.

Hollis says that if people were made more aware of the early warning signs that the head gasket was starting to fail then it would be possible to prevent any further damage to the head gasket or engine and prevent mounting repair costs.

Repair bills can be hugely expensive, depending on location and type of garage. On average motorists face a repair bill of around £1,500 but some BMW owners have been quoted £4,000 and upwards. Alternatively, a bottle of Steel Seal retails at £39.99 and comes with a rock-solid money-back guarantee.

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