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Nearly 60 percent of the top ten sales of Cambiare parts for the 5 Series are taken up by ABS sensors. Technicians investigating braking problems and instances of the ABS light illuminating should take note that the ABS control circuit must be checked in its entirety. Simply replacing the sensor is not always the answer, as corroded terminals and broken wires can also trigger the same fault code. It should also be borne in mind that the car may need driving before the system recognises the new sensor and allows the ABS light to be extinguished.

The inability of reverse lights to illuminate whenever the reverse gear is engaged could be a result of reverse light switch failure. Replacement switches make up 15 percent of the top ten Cambiare sales for the 5 Series. Technicians should also note that corroded connections, broken wires, blown fuses and worn/damaged internal gearbox linkages could also be a possible cause for the lights not illuminating when expected.

Engine management temperature sensors also account for 15 percent of the top ten Cambiare sales for 5 Series. Technicians diagnosing poor hot or cold starting, rough running or high fuel consumption should bear this part in mind.

Temperature transmitters make up another five percent of the top ten Cambiare sales. Failure of temperature transmitters is indicated to the driver by an incorrect reading (either no reading or overheat) on the dashboard temperature gauge, although loose or corroded connections or broken wires could also have the same result.
However, the engine running too hot or cold could simply be caused by a faulty thermostat. The correct functioning of the temperature sensor should thus be checked before it is replaced.

While the engine management temperature sensor could induce a non-start condition, the more likely cause would be the failure of the crankshaft sensor, which takes seven percent of the top ten sales.

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