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Sven Nielsen, Technical Director from MEYLE, says the following difficulties may arise with the BMW 5 Series:

Despite successful oil changes comfort and switching problems still occur


Transmission oil is highly stressed. It is aging and wearing by abrasion, temperature,
and chemical processes. This leads to high risk of reduced driving comfort and modified
gear changing conditions, up to costly transmission defects! Despite successful oil changes comfort and switching problems still occur because during an oil change for technical reasons only max. 2/3 of the oil volume is changed. Therefore many deposits remain in the residual oil and in the transmission.

MEYLE solution:

– Regular oil change, every 6-8 years at least every 80,000 – 12,0000 km; with frequent use of trailers even earlier!
– only by a comprehensive transmission fluid flushing almost a complete transmission cleaning is achieved. This requires type-specific special tools (available at tool specialists) e.g.:
• special lift to tilt the car (necessary to run out remaining oil)
• service station
• adapterkit for servicestation

MEYLE offers a repair-friendly kit for full-service automatic transmission oil change for the BMW 5 Series up to 2011 (as well suitable for Jaguar, LandRover and other BMW like 3, 6, 7, X3 etc, see OPC). Supplied in a sturdy case, the kit comes with a full set of the accessory parts required for all-round oil change:

  • Plastic oil pan including
  • transmission fluid filter
  • gasket
  • magnets
  • 24 bolts
  • 7 litres of ATF gearbox oil

For transmission flushing MEYLE multi-purpose high-performance oil for automatic transmissions is also available separately.

Stabiliser links often worn out


Intense strain and high surface pressure wear and stress on the ball joint. This causes a premature failure of the ball joint and generates noise at the front axle.

MEYLE-HD solution:

MEYLE in-house engineers increased the ball pin diameter to 22 mm, in addition to using wear-resistant synthetic ball sockets with high-tech grease. The reduction of the surface pressure ensures a significantly longer lifetime.

Our engineers are passionate about improving our MEYLE-HD stabiliser links, constantly seeking new ways of refining all components. To make installation and removal procedures easier for our customers, MEYLE-HD stabiliser links are designed with a wrench attachment at the ball pin – a distinctive advantage when fitting and disassembling.

Owing to the larger ball head the ball surface on MEYLE-HD stabiliser links has been increased by up to 50%. This way we have managed to significantly improve the part‘s load carrying capacity along with its service life. The blue clip-on plastic socket adds additional strength to the MEYLE-HD part by using a high grade POM material. The high-tech grease used by MEYLE matches perfectly with the POM material.

Damaged water pumps



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