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Rear anti-roll bars fitted to cars built between July and Oct 2007 have a large diameter and can become detached causing loss of directional control (VOSA). Garages should check the security of the rear anti-roll bar to assess its security and change if required, providing the vehicle is not within Mini’s own recall range.

Pencil Coils make up 27% of the Cambiare top ten selling lines for the Mini (Mini of all ages not just 07), followed closely by coolant temperature sensors at 25%. The car is fitted with 4 separate coils, so the severity of misfire caused by a faulty coil could become worse.

Failed coolant temperature senders can make themselves known by the temperature gauge on the dashboard not reading correctly, or causing the engine to run rough due to the Engine ECU receiving an incorrect temperature signal and adjusting the fuel injection quantity/duration based on that information. Failing coolant temperature sensor results could result in increased fuel consumption than normal and poor hot start. Cambiare recommends to check the coolant thermostat and the actual engine temperature together to prevent misdiagnosis of the coolant temperature sensor.

Reverse light switches are 13% of the Cambiare top ten sales for the Mini range. Failure of the switch can cause reverse lights to not illuminate when the gear lever is placed in the reverse position this may cause the Park Distance Control system to operate optimally.

Pre-2005 models suffered a problem with the Multifunction Control Module which caused the brake lights to stay on when the ignition was turned off which may lead to the misdiagnosis of a problem with the brake light switch. The remedy is to replace the Multifunction Control Module. The air conditioning evaporator tubes can disconnect or become blocked resulting in the lights staying on, due to water ingress to the wiring harness.

Models made before 2003 can sometimes suffer from an issue where the oil pressure warning lamp illuminates even when the pressure is at an acceptable level. This problem is caused by the engine wiring harness chafing on the starter motor heat shield and shorting the wire to earth. While the positioning of the loom should have been resolved at production, by checking the wiring in this area, the problem can be resolved quickly. Cambiare advises, that failure to check for the condition of the wiring could lead to the misdiagnosis of either an oil pressure problem or the unnecessary replacement of a working oil pressure switch. Other reasons for this problem include the heat shield becoming displaced during a service or various forms of impact.

Models that have W10/W11 engines may experience an illuminated Engine Management Light and trouble code P0128, which may lead the technician to an intake manifold air control solenoid fault, when the recommended course of action is to bleed the cooling system to resolve an air lock.

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