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Diesel-Turbo-Cleaner-KitDiesel Turbo Cleaner for Mini Owners

Whilst regular maintenance and servicing is key to keeping your classic Mini running smoothly, an extra helping hand is sometimes required to ensure optimum performance at a reasonable cost.

The Mini Cooper D’s attributes are impressive with its attractive low CO2 emission figures of  118g/km and fuel consumption of 76.3mpg (touring), 64.2mpg (Combined) and  50.4mpg (Urban) and saddled with a great spec of 0-62mph acceleration in 9.9 seconds.

The question is how to maintain this level of performance once off the forecourt.

Whilst the Mini Cooper D has amassed some excellent reviews over the years the simple fact that it is a diesel turbo means that over time it can lose power due to the carbon and dirt deposits built up through usage.

This often results in the vehicle entering limp mode which is when the car’s engine control unit (ECU) detects there is something wrong and puts the car in this restricted mode, resulting in low acceleration and potential speed restrictions.

In such circumstances what might appear on a garage repair bill could be any of the following:-

  • Limp Mode
  • Over Boost Fault Code 17965
  • Sticking Engine Actuator
  • Faulty N75 Value
  • Faulty MAP Sensor
  • Sticking Vanes

The Solution

Any of the above faults listed on a garage report could cost £100s, but there is a solution which has been introduced by Automotive Brands, the experts behind the quick fix solution for damaged head gaskets, and is one which will save motorists thousands of pounds in costly repair bills.

Specially designed for diesel engines with variable vane turbos, the Diesel Turbo Cleaner is a chemical cleaner that has been designed to break down and dissolve carbon on a molecule level, there is a chemical neutraliser to wash away the chemical formula and a gold standard fuel treatment.

The cleaning treatment is highly effective but is simple to perform on your car and the full treatment only takes a couple of hours to complete.

The Turbo Cleaner is guaranteed and if a similar product performs better there is a full money back guarantee, so nothing to lose and everything to gain!

More importantly the Diesel Turbo Cleaner will and help prevent problems escalating to ultimately turbo failure.

Furthermore the good news is that the cleaner can be used before the problems arise and work effectively as a preventative measure – keeping the turbo healthy and help stop the build up of carbon deposits and extending the turbo life and effective performance.

Finally it is cost-efficient too with the kit costing just £49.99 –  little more than a set of mats or a top notch valet.


If there is any sign of change in performance then your Mini Cooper D could be entering into the ‘Limp Mode’ and therefore might not rev beyond its pre-programmed speed, with sluggish acceleration and limited speed.

You know how your car drives and when you notice any change it is best to act to prevent further problems sooner rather than later and also prevent future performance loss.

It is all about enjoying that great driving experience in your Mini Cooper D for longer.

The Diesel Cleaner can cure the limp mode problem and you will be back to driving your car in the way it was designed to perform. For more information on The Diesel Turbo Cleaning Kit visit

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