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Timing Belt Replacement

The belt replacement on the 1.4-litre diesel engine in the PSA 107/C1 can sometimes be problematic, so Dayco, as the original equipment (OE) timing belt supplier for this engine, has issued a technical bulletin (TI0054EN) to guide technicians through the process and ensure that these problems are not encountered.

Once the engine has been dismantled and made ready for the installation of the new belt, make sure that the crankshaft aligning tool and the camshaft tool are properly fitted and that the fuel pump pulley is properly aligned.

Position the new tensioner correctly using the anchoring/location plate on its back plate and ensure the locking pin is in position. Tighten the tensioner’s fastening bolt to secure the assembly to the block, now fit the timing belt in the following order: crankshaft pulley, idler, camshaft pulley, fuel pump pulley, water pump pulley and finally the tensioner.

Slacken off the tensioner’s fastening bolt and remove the locking pin.

Using an Allen key, rotate the tensioner pulley anticlockwise until the indicator is positioned in the centre of the anchoring plate and retighten the tensioner fastening bolt to a torque of 30Nm. Then remove the camshaft locking and driving shaft aligning tools.

Make sure the fuel pump pulley is properly aligned and then rotate the crankshaft 10 turns clockwise and make sure the indicator is still correctly aligned. Now check that the fitting tools can easily be re-inserted, if not repeat the installation procedure.

Reassemble the remaining components and insert the tool to secure the crankshaft pulley and tighten the crankshaft pulley bolt to a torque of 30Nm + 180º.

The Dayco replacement kit includes the timing belt, tensioner and idler and carries the reference number KTB310. However a water pump kit is also available (KTBWP3100), which contains all of these items plus an OE quality water pump.

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