Inside Line: Meyle


Sven Nielsen, Technical Director from MEYLE, says the Ford Fiesta suffers from the following problems:

1. Stabiliser links often worn out (35-16 060 0021/HD)


Intense strain and high surface pressure wear and stress on the ball joint (head Ø 16-20 mm). This causes a premature failure of the ball joint and generates noise at the front axle.

MEYLE Solution (35-16 060 0021/HD):

MEYLE in-house engineers increased the diameter of the ball head of the tie rod end to 22 mm. Ball joints were given ultra wear-resistant synthetic ball sockets with high-tech grease. The reduction of the surface pressure ensures a significantly longer lifetime.

Owing to the larger ball head the ball surface on MEYLE-HD stabilizer links has been

increased by 50%. This way we have managed to significantly improve the part‘s load carrying capacity along with its service life. The blue clip-on plastic socket adds additional strength to the MEYLE-HD part.

2. Worn out control arms on the front axle (716 050 0043 and 716 050 0044), ball joints (716 010 0019) and bushings (714 610 0016 and 714 610 0017)


Loose ball joints and defective bushings lead to disturbing noises and vibrations. In the original version of the control arm, ball joints and bushings cannot be replaced individually – the complete control arm must be replaced. Alignment is necessary.

MEYLE Solution:

Is a control arm with exchangeable ball joints and bushings with a longer service life. MEYLE offers ball joints and bushings individually that fit every control arm of Ford Fiesta – irrespective of whether it is an original part or produced by any other brand.


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