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Sven Nielsen, Technical Director from MEYLE, talks CAT through issues with the Ford Mondeo:

1. Damaged glow plugs

Problem: Cold starting problems due to damaged glow plugs.

MEYLE Solution: MEYLE offers high-quality glow plugs designed to provide great durability even at sub-zero temperatures. Using a latest-generation Kanthal wire ensures rapid temperature generation in the combustion chamber and offers exceptionally long service life. In addition, MEYLE glow plugs start glowing at the tip, then voltage is reduced. This allows the engine to start faster while going easy on the battery and the environment.

2. Worn out brake discs

Problem: Worn out brake discs affect the braking behaviour of the vehicle. Rust may play a major role in this case.

MEYLE Solution: Thinking beyond – corrosion-resistant platinum brake disc for Ford Mondeo.

The MEYLE solution is a brake disk covered with a specially developed multi-layer zinc coating.  The MEYLE PD coating simply provides better anti-corrosion protection.

  • MEYLE subjected their MEYLE PD brake disc to a 10 day comparative test with a conventional brake disc from the aftermarket and an original disc which was also coated. The salt spray test designed to simulate the influences of corrosion was carried out in the quality laboratory at MEYLE in Hamburg.
  • Compared to the conventional brake disc, which showed intense rusting over the entire surface area after 240 hours, the MEYLE PD brake disc displayed only a small amount of white rusting and isolated patches of rust on the surface and on the bores of the inner surface. The coated original brake disc also showed severe rusting close to the bores, increased rusting at the edges and also white rusting.
  • The highlight: unlike uncoated discs which must have the grease removed before fitting, MEYLE PD brake discs save the workshops time, as they are ready to be assembled.
  • Cross-grinding guarantees the bedding-in process.
  • Furthermore, MEYLE offers support through an additional service feature. This includes instructions on how to replace brake discs and brake pads.
  • MEYLE brake pads feature damping shims fitted to the reverse side of pad’s support plate. These shims are designed to decouple vibration and prevent brake squeal.

3. Stabiliser links often worn out

Problem: Intense strain and high surface pressure wear and stress on the ball joint. This causes a premature failure of the ball joint and generates noise at the front axle.

MEYLE-HD Solution: MEYLE in-house engineers increased the diameter of the ball head of the tie rod end to 22 mm. Ball joints were given wear-resistant synthetic ball sockets with high-tech grease. The reduction of the surface pressure ensures a significantly longer lifetime.

Our engineers are passionate about improving our MEYLE-HD stabilizer links constantly seeking new ways of refining all components. To make installation and removal procedures easier for our customers, more and more MEYLE-HD stabilizer links are designed with a wrench attachment at the ball pin. A distinguishing advantage, in particular over those original designs which lack this value-adding feature.

Owing to the larger ball head the ball surface on MEYLE-HD stabilizer links has been increased by 50%. This way we have managed to significantly improve the part‘s load carrying capacity along with its service life. The blue clip-on plastic socket adds additional strength to the MEYLE-HD part.

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