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Drive shaft, front axle leak – 1.6 TDCi

Reference number(s): 58/2011
Fault symptoms: Oil leakage in the front right drive shaft(s) region.
Causes: Production defect.
Remedy: Replace sealing ring(s). Replace drive shaft intermediate bearing.

Particulate filter error code P269F, engine warning light is on – 2.0 TDCi

Reference number(s): 63/2010
Fault symptoms: Engine warning light is on
Error codes : P269F
Causes: Fuel evaporator overheating.
Remedy: Replace fuel evaporator.

Fuel lines error code P0087, P0089, P0200, P020x, P062B, P120x, P1551, P1552, P1553, P1554, loss in power, engine warning light is on, leaking – 2.0 TDCi

Reference number(s): 44/2010
Fault symptoms: Fuel system leaking Power loss Engine warning light is on
Error codes : P0087 P0089 P0200 P020x P062B P1551 P1552 P1553 P1554
Causes: Fuel line(s) routed wrongly. Fuel line(s) leaking. Fuel level sensor defective.
Remedy: Replace fuel line.

Throttle valve unit Error code P2135, erratic idling, Ignition misfire – Turnier, 2.0 SCTI

Reference number(s): 15-2010
Fault symptoms: erratic idling Misfiring at low engine speed. Error code P2135
Causes: Production defect.
Remedy: Replace throttle-valve potentiometer.

Front cover function – Turnier 2.5

Reference number(s): 9/2010
Fault symptoms: Bowden cable of bonnet locking frozen.
Causes: Production defect.
Remedy: Replace the bonnet unlocking cable.


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