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Wheel Bearings

The 2WD 204 Series Mercedes C-Class is unusual due to its use of individual tapered-roller bearings on the front axle. As is always the case with this type of bearing, care must be taken to ensure that the bearing raceways are pressed in square and are butted up against the shoulder in the hub. The vehicle uses its ASB system to monitor the speed of each individual wheel speed, which means that the correct fitting procedure is not only crucial for the ABS braking system, but also for ESP/traction control systems, as well as other less obvious systems such as cruise control and satellite navigation. It is therefore critical that the replacement oil seal (which includes the magnetic encoder) is not only correctly fitted, but is not exposed to any magnetic fields or impact damage. First Line also advises that the wheel sensor is cleaned and checked before refitting the hub.

Steering & Suspension

A power steering issue affects some Mercedes C-Class models built during 2010. The power steering fluid can occasionally leak from the connection of the fluid line to the pump, which drivers will often hear while the vehicle is being driven. Whilst checking this fault it is important to check the tie rod end outers and rack end for general wear and tear and replace if necessary.

Hoses & Clips

As with any forced induction car, over time, the turbo/supercharger hoses can fail, which will lead to a loss of power and reduction in fuel economy. When servicing or carrying out any other maintenance or repair work, it is beneficial to check the condition of the induction hoses.

First Line stocks a range of turbo hoses and clips for many applications including the Mercedes C-Class. First Line part number fits the C200 CDI and C220 CDI vehicles, whilst the silicon hose fits the C180 Kompressor versions. Both hoses are supplied with the relevant clips needed for a simple and quick ‘fit and forget’ change.

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