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Reverse lights not illuminating when the reverse gear is engaged is likely to be the result of failure of the reverse light switch. However, Cambiare suggests that the bulbs should be checked prior to replacing the switch as it has normally been experienced that vibration and voltage fluctuations cause the filament to fail.

Poor starting might be the result of a failing crankshaft sensor. Cambiare advises that technicians looking to diagnose poor starting, cutting out or poor performance should bear this part in mind during diagnosis and further mentions that monitoring the output from the sensor with a diagnostic scanner is the best way to identify this fault.

Cambiare also mentions that poor hot or cold starting in a Mercedes Sprinter could be the result of a failing engine management temperature sensor. If the engine turns over and struggles to fire, it could be the result of the ECU not receiving the correct temperature reading from the sensor, thereby supplying the wrong fuel system information to the injectors.

Hesitation and/or poor hot or cold starting could also be the result of a failed camshaft sensor. So, Cambiare recommends technicians to take live data readings from the sensor as part of their diagnostic routine to prevent incorrect replacement of the sensor.

It has been found that misfires could be the result of a failing mushroom coil, a popular-selling Cambiare part for this van. Coil problems are indicated by fault codes between P0350 and P0362. Some models are fitted with plug leads and a failing lead could also be the cause of misfire and so, it should be checked for physical and electrical condition before being replaced.

Illumination of the engine management light might be the result of lambda sensor failure. Cambiare advises, however, that a fault code relating to a lambda sensor is only an indication that it has registered a value outside of what the system considers acceptable. This may have been caused by an air or exhaust leak which should be ruled out before the lambda sensor is replaced.

Technicians diagnosing the intermittent operation of the fuel pump should be aware that poor contact at the fuel pump relay and relay module unit can cause the fuel pump to not run. Cambiare points out that the failure to ensure the existence of a good contact here may lead to the unnecessary replacement of the fuel pump, leading to subsequent poor running/breakdown.


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