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VOSA recalled nearly 13,000 207’s to resolve a potential engine cutting out problem, as the result of an incorrect specification battery earth lead being fitted. Technicians beginning diagnosis for a similar condition should bear this in mind and check the specification of the earth lead, its resistance and security.

Poor running, hard hot or cold start, high fuel consumption might all be the result of a failing Engine Management Temperature Sensor. These make up 27 percent of the top ten selling Cambiare parts for the 207.

Engine mis-fires could be the result of a failing ignition coil. 22 percent of the top ten 207 Cambiare parts sales are pencil coils, followed by 8 percent for the rail coil.

Oil pressure switches take 16 percent of the top ten, so technicians diagnosing oil leaks or the incorrect operation of the oil pressure warning circuit, should start looking here. Carrying out an oil pressure check using an external gauge should be part of the diagnosis routine, to confirm that the illumination of the oil pressure warning light is not being caused by an actual loss of pressure.

Poor or not staring could be the result of a failing crankshaft sensor. These make up 6 percent of the top sellers.

Also linked to poor running could be a failing lambda sensor or cam sensor, so technicians should make sure that they correctly interrogate the engine management system and thoroughly test the circuits indicated by any fault code provided.

Electrical problems appear to be common, often resulting in the LED dashboard display needing replacement. EML illumination also appears common, causing the ECU to reduce engine power and go into “limp home” mode.  While this could be caused by a lambda sensor or engine temperature sensor failing, air leaks in the induction system or exhaust before the lambda sensor could also be causes. Software problems in the Engine control unit have also been blamed for these symptoms and have to be addressed by a Peugeot dealer.

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