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It is interesting to note that the 807 courtesy cars we have had have shown some of the same faults as our car.

Electrical Faults

• Spurious low oil level warning on the central display and random oil level readings on display behind steering wheel (this took over two years to resolve)
• Spurious low tyre pressure warnings (apparently the car still suffers from these, though I no longer own it)
• Missing wheel sensor warnings (over two years to resolve this and the low pressure warnings)
• Driver’s electric seat moves randomly when car unlocked
• Electric seat loses memory settings
• The cable to the driver’s seat back motor would fall out when the seats were rotated, stopping adjustment of the seat.
• The electric height adjustment of the driver’s seat has failed.
• Side sliding doors intermittently failing to open when the button pressed inside the car
• Intermittently the side doors do not open first time from the remote control
• Intermittently the sliding doors would not shut or lock – disconnecting the battery and rebooting the car was necessary to solve this.
• Engine immobiliser fault – the car had to be recovered back to a dealer
• Complete loss of control of the car – windows going up and down, wipers starting and stopping, mirrors folding in and out, lights flashing; disconnecting the battery regained control.
• Doors refuse to lock remotely
• The wing mirrors originally folded in when the car was locked, then out when the ignition was started. A software “upgrade” changed this to fold out when the car is unlocked – making it difficult to get past them in a tight car park space.
• The wing mirrors have remained folded in when the car was started – a power cycle was needed to restore operation.

Electric Windows

• The windows should close when the car is locked – this became an intermittent feature
• The windows can no longer be opened from the key fob (due to a software “upgrade” in the car) – this means that on a hot summer day you cannot remotely unlock the car and open the windows to let cool air in.

Trim/body problems

• The driver’s door did not shut properly, and needed several visits to have it correctly adjusted.
• The external black plastic trim on one of the sliding doors would gradually move forwards, until it fouled the driver’s door
• The sliding doors intermittently would not open using the outside door handles, only from the inside or using the remote.
• The rear window washer pipe has a join in the rear pillar. This join falls apart, spraying the interior of the car with soapy water. This has happened twice.
• The driver’s seat foam seat squab was collapsing – after less than 30,000 miles.
• The air conditioning unit’s drain pipe became disconnected, leading to a puddle of water in the passenger foot well. This took two visits to resolve.

Engine/Gearbox/General Mechanical

• When driven for a short time then parked, there is a puff of grey smoke from underneath the car and the whir of a motor in the same area. This can come into the car if you open the passenger side sliding door. Apparently this is a heater to get things warm quickly on a cold day, it is just poor design that it fills the car with fumes. Unfortunately nobody at our dealers or Peugeot seemed to know about this!
• Excessive uneven tyre wear – the tyres would be illegal in less than 12,000 miles due to being worn out on one edge of the tyre whilst the other has more than half the tread still remaining. This is a design fault, the cure is to replace all 15″ wheels with 16″ wheels and realign the suspension.
• An anti-pollution fault left us in limp-home mode, driving slowly to get to the dealer.
• A gearbox fault meaning that the gear stick’s reverse-gate sleeve would stick in the reverse position – you would then easily select reverse by mistake rather than first.

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