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Cambiare says that the brake light switches on these models can be problematic; the failure of the switch is obviously highlighted when both the brake lights fail to illuminate on the application of the foot brakes.

Cambiare further states that engine management temperature sensor problems, usually the result of poor hot or cold starting, high fuel consumption, hesitation, or increase in engine emissions, is often flagged by a series of trouble codes, namely:

  • P0115: Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit
  • P0116: Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Range/Performance
  • P0117: Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Low Input
  • P0118: Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit High Input
  • P0119: Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Intermittent

Technicians should check system wiring, actual engine temperature as well as the function of the sensor as part of their diagnostic routine, recommends Cambiare.

Cambiare further states that what appears to be an oil pressure switch related problem, bringing up a ‘low oil pressure’ warning, could actually be related to the fitting of an incorrect specification oil filter. The change in oil pressure and flow created by such a filter results in the ECU making readings outside the expected limits, which in turn triggers the warning. Changing the oil pressure switch in this instance will have no effect as the fault lies elsewhere.

Mass air flow (MAF) sensors are a popular Cambiare part for these vehicles. However, technicians should be aware that fault codes: P0100, P0101, P0102, P0103 or P0104, could be the result of an air leak within the intake air system, placed after the MAF sensor, triggering an ‘out of range warning’. Cambiare therefore recommends that technicians should check the integrity of the system, including any vacuum hoses etc. before replacing the MAF sensor.

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