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Turbo Hoses

It is not uncommon for the turbo outlet hose in these vehicles to split or crack and allow unregulated air into the system, which reduces boost pressure to the turbo and causes a drop in power. The turbo hoses can also clog up with soot and oil from the turbo, which could be early signs of the turbocharger beginning to fail. First Line turbo outlet hose FTH1058 is the replacement component for all variants.

Wheel Bearings

Care must be taken when replacing the front wheel bearings as they are fitted with an ABS sensor ring, which can often get damaged during the fitment process. This damage will cause the ABS dashboard warning light to come on, as well as possibly making the speedo unresponsive as there is also a speed sensor built into it. In the worst case, it could also cause the ABS/ASB system to function incorrectly, which could mean the brakes wouldn’t work to their full potential.

Unfortunately, it’s also quite common for the bearing to be fitted the wrong way round, which can also cause the aforementioned problems.


There have been cases where the heat shield, which protects the exhaust system, has come into contact with one of the rear brake hoses. In extreme cases, this may cause leakage within the brake circuit, which would be recognised by extended brake pedal travel. 
As a result, these vehicles should be checked for heat shield to brake hose contact and, if necessary, the heat shield should be adjusted and the brake hose replaced.

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