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Engine management coolant temperature sensors can be a problem on this vehicle, says Cambiare. The failure of this part can lead to poor hot or cold starting, high fuel consumption and/or poor idling. ETS faults are usually accompanied by a P0117 fault code.

Cambiare advises that technicians looking to address cruise control engagement problems should bear in mind that the cause could be related to a failing brake light switch, which signals the ECU as well as switching the brake lights.

Illumination of the oil pressure warning light while the engine is running could be the result of a failing oil pressure switch. The operation of the switches should be checked along with confirming the actual oil pressure being produced as part of a diagnostic routine. A failing switch may also result in an engine oil leak, so Cambiare recommends that technicians tracing oil leaks must include this in their diagnosis and further states that poor starting, idling or the illumination of the EML could be the result of a failing cam position sensor, usually indicated by a fault code of P0341.

While spark plugs and ignition coils can contribute to misfires, the ignition leads should also be checked as part of diagnosing an ignition misfire on a Range Rover L322 as ignition leads are a popular seller from the Cambiare range for this vehicle.

Intermittent stalling, poor starting, EML illumination and/or intermittent misfire could all be the result of a failing crankshaft sensor on the Range Rover and is usually accompanied by a P0336 fault code.

Inline fuel pumps can also be an issue on the Range Rover and care should be exercised in selecting the correct replacement part. According to Cambiare, different models, build dates and engine codes all have an effect on the suitability of the replacement part and all elements of the vehicle should therefore be referenced to the parts catalogue to ensure the correct replacement part has been selected.

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