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Renault Espace >2012

The Cambiare technical hotline has dealt with issues covering:

Early Espaces, built between July 1991 and July 1992, suffered a potential leak from the heater matrix which caused hot coolant to enter the passenger compartment. Technicians looking to locate coolant loss should check the front floor area and heater unit for the potential source.

Espaces built between March 1999 and August 1999 experienced problems with the routing of fuel lines which were too close to the exhaust manifold, causing a potential fire risk. Technicians working in this area during service/repair should take care not to dislodge the pipes, which can reduce the distance between their correct location and the exhaust manifold.

Espaces (including Scenic, Laguna and Megane) built between February 2000 and April 2000, experienced problems with faulty vacuum pumps. The effected pumps had a potential blockage that reduced brake servo assistance. Technicians investigating poor braking performance should check the vacuum being supplied to the servo, in order to rule out a vacuum pump problem.

Technicians checking the spare wheel of a September 1996 to June 1998 Espace, should be aware of problems with the spare wheel support cross member and winch unit. Cables were reported to either seize or break, resulting in the wheel falling out onto the road.

Espaces built between January 2003 to March 2003, experienced lack of parking brake efficiency and were recalled for checking and reprogramming of the parking brake ECU. Technicians checking parking brakes should check to see that the most up-to-date software has been installed.

Espaces made between June 2002 and November 2003 were recalled to reprogramme and reconfigure the air conditioning software, in order to resolve smoke and odour emissions from dashboard vents. Technicians experiencing smoking/odours from the heater/ventilation system should bear in mind that the cause of the problem may be software related rather than a physical leak.

Cars built between November 2003 and April 2004 experienced a similar problem, however the problem was often resolved by removing a resistor from the wiring circuit.

Espaces with 2.2 diesel engines have experienced turbo failures, oil leaks, injector problems, EGR valve issues, as well as multiple electrical faults.

28 percent of the top 10 selling Cambiare parts for the Espace are oil pressure switches, tying up with the oil leak issues owners are experiencing. Technicians looking to cure engine oil leaks should look here as a starting point.

Reverse light switch failures come in with 22 percent of Cambiare sales. If the reverse light is not working, technicians should look at the switch operation, as well as the bulb itself.

Engine management temperature sensors come in third place of Cambiare’s sales with 19 percent of the top ten sales. Hot or cold starting, poor running and/or high fuel consumption, could all be due to a faulty EM temp sensor.

Crank sensors come in fourth with 14 percent of Cambiare sales, to rectify misfires and poor starting.

Cam and lambda sensors come in joint fifth with nine percent each of Cambiare sales. Hesitation, misfires and poor starting could also be down to a faulty cam sensor which is likely to bring on the EML. Similarly, a faulty lambda sensor will cause hesitation, flat spots and poor performance, also illuminating the EML, so it is often worth checking this sensor.

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