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CAT Inside Line – Renault Espace (- 2012)

Gates advises that a specific timing belt tool set, such as the Gates GAT 4760B, is essential when replacing the belt on the Synchronous Belt Drive System (SBDS) of the Renault Espace 2.2 DCi engine (1999-present day).

The unusual set-up of this engine is such that gears control the timing from inside the engine. An intermediate shaft is located half way up the engine, running at half the engine speed. This power is transmitted to the camshaft via a short belt.

Unless the appropriate tool is used and unless the set-up procedure is followed to the letter, the belt will seem too short and will be impossible to fit.

• The belt must be removed, complete with the exhaust cam pulley
• On replacement, the exhaust cam pulley must be located ‘inside the belt’ – as directed by the procedure – when fitted to the crankshaft

The exhaust cam locking tool has an indicator arm/ lever, which indicates the tensioner position. The installation procedure must be carried out twice.

• Procedure No.1 sets the belt in high tension, when the lever arm is level with the ‘top’ of the tool

After this procedure, the engine must be rotated, manually, through two complete revolutions. This beds in the belt and compresses the fabric.

• Procedure No.2 establishes the correct tension. This time the correct position is when the lever arm is level with the ‘raised’ part of the tool.

Failure to follow these procedures step-by-step will lead to inevitable SBDS failure and destruction of the belt, with consequences for the engine that could be catastrophic.

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