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It should be borne in mind that the Toyota Prius XW20 is a hybrid design and only technicians trained in working with high voltages should attempt anything other than routine service work on this make of car.

Technicians looking to address brake squeal on the Toyota Prius should bear in mind that some vehicles were built without anti-squeal shims fitted to the back of the brake pads. These should be fitted in such cases.

Failure to start, accompanied by fault code P0A0D, is usually caused by the hybrid battery pack isolator being incorrectly fitted following battery pack isolation.

Instances have been reported of technicians having difficulty in removing the in tank fuel pump which can be caused by the sealing ring seizing to the fuel tank. This may require the seal to be cut away to enable removal of the pump and replaced before the pump is refitted. The threads may become damaged as part of the process, so these should be checked which may lead to having to replace the fuel tank.

Coolant temperature sensors are the top Cambiare selling part for this car (42 percent), so technicians diagnosing a temperature gauge reading incorrectly should test this component first.

Failure of the oil pressure switch on the Toyota Prius is not as big a problem as on some cars, but Cambiare oil pressure switches still makes up 17 percent of sales for the model. Technicians tracing engine oil leaks or the warning light either not illuminating or not extinguishing should start their diagnosis here.

Taking a similar 17 percent of Cambiare sales are lambda sensors, so illumination of the engine management light and poor running could be the result of a failing Lambda sensor.

Rough running, hard starting when hot or cold, or high fuel consumption can be down to a failing engine management temperature sensor.

Failure to start could be the cause of a failed crankshaft sensor, while not a big seller at four percent of sales; it still represents a good starting point for the technician. Cutting out while running might also be caused by the crankshaft sensor, as 2001 models have experienced engine oil entering the body of the sensor and or connector causing it to fail.

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