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Petrol Corsa 1.2 X12XEP engine code.

The electronic throttle body motor can become faulty.  This can then cause additional damage to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) throttle body circuit drivers inside the ECU. Guide fault codes logged by engine management system can be P1500/P1523/P1526. If only the ECU is replaced, the same problem can recur, as the real cause is the throttle body motor. This is why it’s advisable to replace the throttle body too.

Petrol Corsa 1.0

The driver may notice poor performance and poor idle speed. This can be caused by the Air Mass Sensor starting to fail. A log code may not be logged, as the performance of Air Mass Sensor may not have dropped to the point of showing errors. For this reason technicians should check live data first and then test the sensors operation accurately using an oscilloscope.

Diesel 1.3D 2009

EGR valves have a common problem for sticking and vehicle symptoms can be poor performance up to 3000 rpm. Due to the valve location on this model, this is a time consuming job to fix. To help gain quicker access, technicians should remove the coolant header tank and turbo pipes, to gain access to the EGR valve.

Corsa Diesel 2007 on

The customer may complain of a whiring noise from rear axle. The cause is rear wheel bearing failure due to water and dirt ingress. This only affects models with the 5 stud wheel hubs. A new bearing assembly is required to fix, along with the application of a special grease to the bearing seal.

Corsa 1.3CDTI (Fiat 1.25 Multijet engine in this model) DPF issues

This engine variant is known to have issues with the DPF. The DPF can become blocked or on vehicles that mainly do urban / town driving, the DPF regeneration process can be inefficient, resulting in the un-burnt fuel diluting the engine oil. As the problem can be fairly common, a good customer care tip for the technician when servicing this model is to check the oil level before draining. An oil level that’s too high could indicate fuel contamination, as a result of a DPF that’s becoming blocked. In fact, they should be able to smell any fuel that’s present within the oil.

Corsa D Power Steering Fault

The customer may complain of intermittent loss of power steering. This can be caused by an intermittent failure of the electric power steering motor assembly which is fitted as part of the steering shaft. Service exchange units are available to fix this issue.

Corsa 2006 models

The ABS ECU is common for failure. Symptoms of this issue can mean no diagnostic communication is possible or total failure causing the ABS system to be inoperative. To fix, the technician needs replace the ABS controller/ECU.

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