Inside Line: Cambiare


Information for your pre 2013 Vauxhall Insignia is listed below:

  • Oil pressure switches are a weak point for this car, along with other Vauxhall models, this part being the highest selling Cambiare part for the model. The replacement can be driven by the failure of the electrical contacts leading to a potentially costly repair if the engine suffers a loss of oil pressure and is unable to warn the driver. Oil leaking from the body of the switch is another reason for replacement, so technicians looking to resolve leaks should look here as a starting point.
  • Ignition problems come in second place judging by Cambiare sales of rail coils. Hard starting and misfiring are likely reasons for the rail coil being replaced.
  • Temperature sensors and engine management temperature sensors are the next frequent parts required. Controlling the temperature gauge and providing the engine ECU with data to adjust fuelling, they are both important components.
  • Fault code P0118 (Temperature sensor) might steer the technician to replace the temp sensor, when a possible cause is the need to replace the seal for the thermostat. Steam from a leaking seal will short the connections in the sensor plug triggering the fault code.
  • Faults relating to leaks in the intake air system can be caused by the EGR valve not sealing correctly or the pressure sensor pipe from the DPF in the exhaust split.
  • Technicians may be tempted to replace the Boost control solenoid valve due to excessive noise, as it resonates on the slam panel. Replacing the valve might cure the problem in the short term, but the condition will reappear as the system has been modified to include a vacuum reservoir to damp out the pulses in the system.

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