Inside Line: CES


• CDTi models can suffer from sticking EGR valves or EGR pipes becoming blocked, as a result of excessive carbon build up. If the EGR valve has become stuck open, it can lead to the DPF becoming blocked.

• The DPF pressure pipe sensor pipes can crack or even worse break, near to the steering rack. This causes the engine management light to illuminate and fault codes present for a DPF fault to be logged.

• A problem best avoided in the winter relates to the heated seats, which can fail, due to the failure of the seat pad electrical element.

• Gear changes at high speed can be difficult to make. This could be caused by the clutch centre plate sticking on the gearbox input shaft. Technicians are advised to inspect the clutch plate splines to see if they move freely on the gearbox input shaft.

• Some owners of the 1.8 petrol models have noticed a rattle under the bonnet. The housing for the air filter can fail, which causes the noise. To fix, the bracket needs to be replaced.

• The rear brake discs are prone to scouring at low mileage. This is due to the brake pads sticking in the rear callipers, as a result of dirt and corrosion building up. Technicians should check the rear brake discs carefully at service intervals.

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