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Technicians looking to resolve sudden and excessive brake pedal travel in the early models of Trafic, Vivaro and Primastar X83 should consider that these have experienced braking problems resulting from a detached securing clip on the brake pedal cross shaft.

They have also experienced handbrake problems on vehicles built between 1/2006 and 5/2008. Failure of the handbrake’s intermediate connector can result in the handbrake releasing unintentionally. Technicians looking to trace excessive travel on the handbrake should bear this in mind.

A problem with the wiring at the front of the engine on some models can cause the cooling fan to fail to energise and result in the engine overheating. Technicians should take this possibility into account when diagnosing overheating faults instead of simply replacing the radiator fan switch.

Some vans built between 3/2006 and 3/2007 could have been fitted with wrong size tyres, bringing forth the possibility of an early failure. The affected vehicles were subject to a VOSA recall but technicians must ensure the fitment of correct tyres during replacement to ensure vehicle safety.

Ignition problems can be common on these vans and pencil coils are a popular Cambiare replacement part.

Technicians diagnosing reverse lights not illuminating should check the correct operation of the reverse light switch as part of their diagnostic process.

Difficult hot or cold starting and/or poor fuel consumption could be the result of a failing engine management coolant temperature sensor. While not necessarily generating a fault code or illuminating the EML, technicians should check live data to identify the temperature value that the ECU receives and compare it to the actual coolant temperature.

Poor running, hesitation and stalling could be the result of a failing air mass sensor. However, the illumination of the EML and an AMS fault code is not proof that the sensor has failed. The EML will indicate that the expected range of the sensor has been exceeded and this could be the result of excess air entering the engine via a split breather hose. Technicians should ensure that the entire intake system is checked before replacing the AMS.

Failure of the brake lights to illuminate when the brake pedal is pressed could be the result of blown bulbs but technicians should bear in mind the brake light switch which is yet another popular Cambiare part for these vans. Stalling and or failure of the cruise control to engage could also be the result of a failed brake light switch.

Poor, hot or cold starting could be the result of a failing crankshaft sensor, another popular Cambiare part for these vans.

Engine oil leaks and/or failure of the oil pressure warning light to extinguish could be the result of a failing oil pressure switch. Running the engine following this being thoroughly washed off will confirm the presence of an oil pressure switch leak. However, technicians should also check that the failure of the oil pressure warning light is the result of low oil pressure and not a problem with the switch.


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