Inside Line: Cambiare


There have not been any VOSA recalls for Vauxhall Zafira, though some 2009 models had a problem with the steering column becoming loose, causing a knocking noise.

Oil pressure switches are the most commonly sold Cambiare part for this car. Technicians looking to resolve an oil pressure light problem or tracing an engine oil leak should start their diagnosis here.

Poor starting could be the result of a failing crankshaft sensor. Technicians who are trying to diagnose poor starting, cutting out or poor performance should bear this part in mind. Cambiare suggests that monitoring the output from the sensor with a diagnostic scanner is the best method for diagnosis.

Misfires could be the result of a failing rail coil, the next most popular Cambiare seller for this car. Coil problems could be indicated by fault codes between P0350 and P0362.

Poor hot or cold starting could be the result of a failing engine management temperature sensor. If the engine turns over and struggles to fire, it could be the result of the ECU not receiving the correct temperature reading from the sensor, causing it to supply the wrong fuel system information to the injectors.

Illumination of the engine management light might be the result of the lambda sensor becoming lazy or failing. However, a fault code relating to a lambda sensor is only an indication that the sensor has registered a value outside of what it considers acceptable. Technicians should therefore consider ruling out the possibility of an air or exhaust leak before replacing the lambda sensor.

The temperature gauge failing to indicate the correct engine temperature is likely to be the result of a failed (or failing) engine temperature sensor, another popular-selling part in the Cambiare range for Zafira. But technicians are advised to investigate for poor connections and breaking wires too, before replacing the sensor, as these could generate similar symptoms.

A failure of the reverse light switch ends up causing non-illumination of the reverse lights, when the reverse gear is engaged. But it is always better to check the bulbs prior to replacing the reverse light switch, as vibration and voltage fluctuations cause the filament in the bulb to fail more commonly.

Poor running, hesitation or flat spots may be the result of a failing air mass sensor. Technicians should remember that like any other sensor circuit fault code, the flagging of an air mass sensor code is an indication that a reading outside of the specified range has been detected and requires further investigation. It should also be noted that a split engine breather hose will trigger an air mass code on a car with a perfectly functioning sensor.

Owners seem to rate Vauxhall Zafira quite highly as there are only a few general complaints with the model.

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