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Volkswagen Golf >2012

There were quite a few VOSA recalls on these cars, but due to the amount that has been sold, it’s not surprising the number is so high.

The 2.0-litre diesel models built between 01/01/2009 – 15/12/2011 have experienced fuel leaking from the high pressure pipes due to excessive vibration. The addition of balance weights to the pipework resolves the situation so technicians tracing fuel leaks should bear this in mind.

Models built with direct shift six-speed gearboxes between 01/09/08 – 31/08/09 may experience loss of drive as a result of the clutch temperature being misinterpreted. The reprogramming of the gearbox control unit is required to resolve this problem. Technicians being presented with a car with intermittent loss of drive should consider this as part of the diagnosis process.

Models fitted with the three or four cylinder pump injector diesel engine between 01/03/04 – 31/08/04 can experience fuel leaks from the tandem fuel pump cover. A diesel leak is also caused due to loose pump housing from production failure in the bolts that secures the cover. Simply replace the bolts to resolve the leak.

Models built between 01/02/98 – 31/12/99 may experience a loss of brake servo assistance as a result of the vacuum hose cracking. When a higher pedal effort is required to apply the brakes effectively, technicians should check the condition of the servo vacuum hose and replace it if cracking/leaking is evident.

Models with 4Motion transmission built between 01/02/97 – 28/02/00 can experience failure of the rear axle transverse link. Moisture entering the rear axle ball joints can cause corrosion leading to seized joints. Therefore poor handling, suspensions noises or failures should be addressed by replacing the effected ball joint/s first.

30 percent of the top 10 Cambiare sales for the Volkswagen Golf are pencil coils. Poor performance and misfiring are the most likely causes for these to be replaced.

Brake light switches closely follow at 28 percent of the top ten Cambiare parts. Technicians should take care following the fitting instructions for this switch as it has to be installed correctly. If the plunger length is not set as part of the installation process, the switch will either not function correctly or will fail prematurely.

Engine Management Temperature sensors make up 20 percent of the top ten Cambiare sellers. Poor performance, hard hot or cold starting and high fuel consumption are possible consequences from a failed sensor.

Oil pressure switches are next with 11 percent of the top ten Cambiare sales. Electrical failure could lead to a failure indicating low engine oil pressure which in turn could result in engine damage. Physical failure of the switch can also lead to oil leaks.

Finally, reverse light switches and ABS sensors both account for five percent each of Cambiare sales. The failing of the reverse lights to illuminate is generally the result of either a blown bulb or a failed switch. Having checked the condition of the bulb, the switch is the next most likely cause. The failure of the ABS sensor could affect the braking system, tyre pressure monitoring system and anti-slip regulation system.

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