Juratek issues best practice tips for correct installation of handed brake discs

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Leading braking supplier, Juratek, has issued its latest advice on the correct installation of handed brake discs, as part of its commitment to offering garages and technicians top fitment tips.

The heat generated by friction must be removed quickly during braking to avoid brake fade and rapid brake pad deterioration, says Juratek. 

Most vehicles come with straight vane discs, with internal cooling vanes that extend straight from the center of the disc outward in a straight line. Some higher performance cars come with directional discs, which have curved or tilted internal cooling vanes.

When the discs rotate at speed, centrifugal force, pulls air from the center of the disc through the vents and out of the disc, resulting in improved cooling efficiency. Thus, there is a left and a right disc, indicated in the Juratek part number with a suffix of L (left) or R (right).

When the directional discs are properly installed, these internal vanes should lean toward the back of the car – as shown in fig 2.

The direction of any slots or drill holes on the outside of the disc (see fig 1.) do not indicate whether the disc should be fitted on the LH or RH side of the vehicle.

Failure to install discs correctly can result in the discs becoming too hot. If the brake discs exceed the normal operating temperature, hot brake judder can sometimes be the consequence.

This is indicated in fig 3. It clearly shows oxidisation (orange colouring), soot deposits on the hub surface and blue tint to the braking surface. All of these factors are indicative of excessive temperature which can lead to distortion of the disc and cracking of the disc surface.

For more information on the Juratek braking range visit https://www.juratek.com/ 

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