Making repair and maintenance easy and efficient


Oetiker provides customers with the peace of mind that their mission-critical components are reliably connected. We are a global leader in high-value connecting solutions for industrial segments. Our clamps, quick connectors and tools are specially designed for a wide range of vehicle components within the aftermarket business and specifically developed to meet today and tomorrow’s market requirements. Pioneering reliable connecting components for over 80 years, we deliver high quality connecting and assembly solutions that are simpler, smarter and stronger.

To support the Independent Aftermarket, we have developed the first adjustable and StepLess® Ear Clamp, suitable for TPE and rubber boot CVJ reparation, DualHook Adjustable Ear Clamps.

Oetiker’s latest Innovation: DualHook Adjustable Ear Clamps 259

TPE and rubber boots: One fits all solution 

Optimised interlock design: Three dual hooks provide extra high force

Waved band edge with dimples: enhances band strength and avoids risk of breakage

Tongue-in-groove design: Provides StepLess® feature for the whole adjustable range and a smooth sliding into the recess

Burr-free strip edges: Reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped

Oetiker Expertainer

Oetiker CVJ Expertainer Assortment Boxes

Oetiker Expertainer bring engineering quality and expertise directly to your garage.



The benefits are:

Reliable product performance to reduce warranty claims and returns

OEM design to meet all OE requirements

Quick and easy installation to save time

Robust box design, ideal for garages 

Where to buy 

Tom Parker: Our trusted Partner in the United Kingdom

More than 70 people to support your local needs

Technical experience since more than 50 years.

Published by GregWhitaker

Editor of CAT Magazine and an experienced motoring journalist

Making repair and maintenance easy and efficient

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