Michelin puts new Pilot Super Sport through its paces

Michelin's Pilot Super Sport tyre
Michelin's Pilot Super Sport tyre

What do an Audi R8 and a Lamborghini Gallardo have in common? No, it’s not the universal price tag. They were both on hand to help Michelin test its new Pilot Super Sport Tyre on its recent UK launch.

Michelin isn’t denying that its new top-end tyre is really only for use in top-end cars. The latest tyre development is indeed designed to adorn the rims of some of the most glamorous cars on offer today.

But don’t think this tyre doesn’t earn its keep, there’s some clever technology at work here too.

Michelin statistics say that compared to their last high-end tyre, the Pilot Sport 2, the new Super Sport gives 50 percent more track mileage, boosting the expected range to almost 400 track miles.

The company expects drivers looking to shave that precious few seconds from their favourite track to be the first in line for the Super Sport but they also expect regular motorists to benefit as well.

The tyre boasts impressive credentials; its technology was developed over the course of 13 consecutive Le Mans victories.

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