Motex will join the Parts Alliance in October
Motex will join the Parts Alliance in October

The Motex group of factors will leave the IFA at the end of September to join the Parts Alliance on October 1st.

The move was confirmed by Director Ian James this morning. He wouldn’t go into detail about the move, merely saying: “It was a very difficult decision but in the end it was made purely for sound commercial reasons.”

The Parts Alliance will find Motex a welcome addition to the group following the departure of Camberley Auto Factors in July.

Parts Alliance Chairman Steve Fulford said: “Motex has applied to join the PA and hopefully its membership will be ratified at our board meeting next week.

“Our strategy is quite clear; we are going to grow this group by acquisition of the right people or by new membership. This is the first of what could be a number of new members.

“There are a number of very good independent companies across the country who it would be very beneficial for to join our group, for both parties.”

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  1. The only person, Nick Radcliff gives a hard time is himself and his fast decaying business. The notion that distributors and suppliers do not work together is insane. I know independents that enjoy much better discounts than some of the best buying groups. Suppliers are desperate to supply. The only one that is making suppliers work is Mr Sukhpal Singh, as for the rest they are left standing! If you look at the intellectual might of Unipart and UKPA – Sukhpal Singh, with his intuition has made life difficult and is forcing a new order not even Chris Swan managed to do this so successfully as Sukhpal, no one can argue that at any level, statistics and facts speak! Sooo whats next ??? Something has to go BANG, Perhaps AP/ECP/ Unipart… one will implode… something has to go bang and the clock is ticking

  2. Distributors and supplier will very rarely truly “work together”. Distributors may act as though they support their suppliers, but in reality are waiting for the next “great offer” to come along. Take a look at any Motor Factor’s shelves who are part of a buying group. They will often have various makes of product sitting there, all down to lack of loyalty and what the buying groups latest approved suppliers list is. I feel sorry for the parts/sales people; one week Coopers/Fram filters are the best in the world, next week they are having to sing the virtues of Mann and Hummel and customer confidence has to be built up all over again. As for Jayar/Ajay’s days of bullying suppliers being over, Nick Ratcliffe wouldn’t be doing his job properly if he didn’t give suppliers a hard time.

  3. Jayrs – days are over as an overbearing bully to suppliers. The IFA will have to take good members from other buying groups. The independent market is fast shrinking and if the distributors and suppliers do not come together quick enough they are @ high risk of going BANG !

  4. Motexman, my comments were NOT focused at Motex Group. I am sure your staff are valued and generally happy and your turnover of staff relatively low compared to many (the advantage of being a quality independent perhaps?) I just hope you don’t loose sight of what makes a good quality independent special. Anyone can stack ’em high and sell ’em cheap.

    My comment was at a large number of factors who lately have put many things in place to “cover themselves”. Such as van tracking, various reports, staff monitoring, extended discipline procedures, longer working hours (largely to cover national business) but seem to fail something as simple as a lunch break or a tea break. These breaks are not only written down in law, but are important to workers well being. A break away from the computer screen, stressful customers (and staff!) is so important, but how many bosses make sure it happens? Very few in my experience.

    Let’s look at it another way. 252 working days a year. so approx 250 hours of unpaid overtime given by working lunch hours. I’m sure if every employee put a bill in for this at the end of the year, bosses would soon take note. Motorfactor staff don’t generally get sick pay, pension or any other real benefits, so a break every day isn’t much to ask.

  5. Finally we are seeing the industry move. This is my prediction… CPA.. Bennet’s will follow and the IFA will need new members or they will have a fast death !

    1. What will Jayar/Ajay do then? Interesting times ahead I feel. As BKL says, it’s long overdue. Although larger suppliers may begin to get nervous, it will be like Tesco’s, Asda, Sainsbury’s etc. Except we have Euro’s, Page’s, Unipart and The Parts Alliance. A bit like supermarkets thought, most people despise them, but nearly everyone uses them. Still can’t beat a good little independent who actually cares.

      Have to agree with BKL though…….More joining The Parts Alliance with their national business tie ups makes them much more viable than the IFA. Makes a great bolt on if you already have a large independant trade customer base, just so long as you don’t ignore them chasing a set of £8.00 pads for Kwikfit! MUST KEEP THOSE BIG NATIONAL ACCOUNTS HAPPY! Been there, done that……….. doesn’t work.

      I’d like to see these big Companies and buying groups talk more about their staff. Company owners know it’s hard out there and I see staff treated appallingly at the moment. Perhaps CAT could do a survey on which Motor Factor treats it’s staff the best. Now there’s an idea for an editorial!! Lunch Break anyone? LOL!!!

      1. Hi Partsboy, an interesting comment at Motex we do value our staff they are our greatest asset and they are ones the less reputable competitors try to steal (unsuccessfully), we think our staff are the very best and look at our website and meet just some of them, by the way moving to the PA wasn’t all about National Business, its much more than that, but it helps.

  6. I would like to wish all the boys and girls of Motex all the best in their new partnership. They’re a very professional bunch who are a pleasure to deal with.