The Motor Codes Garage of the Year contest has officially launched.

The contest has opened for voting today, with the first round of voting closing on the 1st April.

National newspaper The Sun will be backing the campaign, urging customers to vote for the UK’s best garages.

Motor Codes says its collaboration with the newspaper is the latest in a long line of enhancements to this year’s competition, now in its third year.

Also new for the 2012 Garage of the Year contest is the splitting of award categories to reflect both large and small businesses taking part. This ensures that no matter what the size of a business is, it will stand an equal chance of winning the accolade of Garage of the Year.

Managing Director at Motor Codes Chris Mason said: “In the last two years, thousands of motorists have voted to support their local garage and both the regional and national winners have spoken about the impact this has had on their business.

“The competition is a great opportunity to shout about what’s good in our industry and stand up against the negative image that some people still hold.”

The headline sponsor of this year’s competition is Halvoline. Distribution Manager John Jackson said: “Individual garages have recognised the impact that this competition has because it’s all based on consumer comment, word-of-mouth.

“On a wider, industry level, it’s vitally important that there is an OFT-approved network of garages that customers across the UK can turn to for reliable service.”

CAT will be playing an integral role in this year’s competition as CAT editor Peter Lawton will be sitting on the judging panel along with other representatives from the motor industry.

Customers are being offered an incentive of a prize to encourage voting for the contest. A year’s free servicing and tickets to the British Grand Prix are all up for grabs. For the garage winner, a fund including Snap-on vouchers, driving experiences, and Motor Codes subscriptions worth over £10,000 forms the first prize.

All Motor Codes subscribers are registered to enter the competition automatically and can start directing customers to the Motor Codes website.

Non Motor Codes subscribers can also register for the competition free of charge.

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