Motorists are wasting £1 billion per year, warns Continental

Continental says using the right tyre can make all the difference
Continental says using the right tyre can make all the difference

Motorists in the UK are wasting almost £1 billion every year by not using eco driving techniques, new research conducted by Continental Tyres has revealed.

The tyre manufacturer’s research also found that on average, each motorist could save nearly £300 a year by using eco driving techniques, such as ensuring their tyres are at the correct pressure, and getting rid of unnecessary loads.

Over the course of a lifetime motorists could each save a shocking £18,000 in fuel bills.

A survey conducted as part of the research also found that even though 9 in 10 people are concerned about rising fuel prices in the UK, 4 in 10 admitted to having no idea what eco driving was all about.

Continental is spreading the message to motorists, giving them tips on how to maximise fuel economy. With urban driving for example, the company is asking motorists whether they really need to carry a spare tyre, when a compressor with a tyre sealant will save both weight and room.

Tim Bailey, a driving expert at Continental Tyres said: “As fuel costs continue to rise, affordable motoring is a big concern. By making minor alterations to your driving technique and doing regular basic checks such as tyre pressure, motorists can save hundreds of pounds a year.

Our research also discovered that over two thirds of motorists are unaware that tyres are now made that improve fuel efficiency through lower rolling resistance.”

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