My first blog, by Karen Reilly, age 23

Valentino Rossi doing what he does best
Valentino Rossi doing what he does best

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog. As you many of you know, I am a straight talking girl and will not mix my words, so hopefully we will have some fun here!


Well to start things off, I have two big loves in my life. The first is the truly remarkable Valentino Rossi – please tell me someone saw that last lap at Catalunya!

The second is my beautiful Kawasaki Z750 – in green! I know every last thing about that bike, right down to the type of gaskets I have, but this has got me thinking.

The thing is, I have no idea what oil I have in my car or what the tyres are for that matter – my excuse is that I have a company car so I don’t have any say in what parts are replaced.

But what about other car owners?


I decided to ask a good friend of mine about her recent car service, even though she knows as much about cars as I know about agriculture!

“Were any parts changed and if so who were the parts made by?”  I asked.

Now the reply was not what I was expecting: “Wilsons”. Hmmm, I tried to explain that this was the garage that fixed her car but soon realised I was wasting my time.

She was more likely to think of the ball in the Tom Hanks film ‘Castaway’.


I decided to speak to another friend who has the most well-kept Subaru Impreza I have ever seen for an early 20-something.

Having learned from speaking to my other friend, I asked the most simple question: “Who makes your oil filter?”

Well, I wished I had never asked. Off she went: “K & N mate, sweet as, plus I am looking to replace my old brakes with the new Brembos, proper wicked they are…” I won’t repeat it all here – you are busy people!

The real question is, I guess, does the everyday motorist actually need to know? It would be great to hear your feedback.

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