Crash-repair_250pxThe National Association of Bodyshops (NAB) has warned the Competition Commission that its research into the quality of car repairs contains crucial documentation deficiencies.

It claims that the study carried out by MSXi for the investigation into the private insurance market published last December offers minimal value due to the nature of the inaccuracies.

The NAB voiced its concern about these results due to the lack of background information provided in the report. Despite the small number of vehicles investigated and the contradiction with the figures obtained by the CC in its consumer survey, it still believed that the figures showed a fundamental flaw with the quality of repairs.

As a part of the feedback and remedy process, the CC made the detailed reports for each vehicle available to view. The NAB, with a team consisting of three practicing body repair specialists and a qualified ATA VDA assessor spent more than 150 man hours over two days analysising the findings and came to the conclusion that the vast of data packs had crucial documentation deficiencies.

The team identified several vehicles in the study that failed to meet pre-accident condition which were repaired outside of the normal insurer and repairer process. In light of this it has advised the CC to remove or highlight these repairs, as they fall outside the parameters of the investigation. Along with the repair methodology and process not being recorded so no documentation regarding any changes to repair costs or process.

It also highlighted that was an absence of data regarding the pre-repair condition of the car, as there were no photos or vehicle inspection reports available to view either.

Head of the NAB Frank Harvey said: “We suggest possible errors and omissions may have arisen from data availability, consultancy briefing issues, consultancy competency or inadequacies in the material being investigate – either provided unwittingly, or as a result of attempts to undermine the survey.

“The cases had been collated within statistics as not repaired to pre-accident condition, thus the output of statistical reports is inaccurate and misleading.

“Because of the alleged shortcomings, we recommend that it would be unwise to draw meaningful conclusions from the survey and that any remedies being proposed by the CC should not be based on this inadequate sample.”

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